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  • DJ-1600MNV


    • Signal(Line)in and Signal(Line)out to enable interconnections with other power amplifiers.
    • The amplifier has bass, mid and treble controls which enable precise and accurate tonal setting of sound quality.  
    • Protected against DC Fault, Overload, Short circuit and Over temperature.
    • Indicator LEDs for Power, Signal, Temperature, and DC fault conditions have been provided.
    • Box Speaker/ Driver Unit selector switch. Bass boost defeated at Driver Unit position for safer operation of driver units.
    • Built-in AC fan to avoid the amplifier over heat.
    • 70V/100V, 4O and 2O power outputs.
    • Ideal for large installations where very high power output is required.


    For complete technical specificatons download our product catalogue from the button below.  

    PRO-TEQ  MX-1600M is rugged and most reliable amplifier with 1600 watts available in two different modals. Specially designed for wide variety of PA applications and DJ performances. It can be connected to various input sources like a PA Mixer, DJ Mixer, CD/DVD player, Cassette player and Musical Instruments like Guitar, Keyboard etc. The amplifier has built-in protection against over voltage in AC mains supply which is specially useful while operating on Gensets.

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