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  • DA-20


    • Input Channels: Each channel has a separate 6.3mm (1/4') balanced phone jack for mic and line & accepts both balanced and unbalanced signals.
    • AUX Control: This controls the level of the channel in the final mix of AUX Send Output.
    • AUX Send & AUX Return : These have been provided for sending the pre-fader output of channels for monitoring or for adding a Special Effects Units.
    • MONO/STEREO Output : Mono output is available either Left & Right output jacks when the switch is in ‘Mono’ position.
    • Each channel has GAIN, BASS, MID, TREBLE, ECHO, PAN and slide LEVEL controls with CLIP LED indicator.
    • Echo section provided with Delay, Repeat and Level controls.
    • Headphone socket with Level control.
    • Independent Bar graph for each channel. 
    • Distributor Amplifier
    • Stereo 
    •  AC Operation
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