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  • ANI-862


    •   3 Wired Microphones Inputs.
    •   In-built Wireless Microphone.
    •   Inputs for AUX sources
    •   3-way Speaker System, 8" Mid/Bass Speaker,  
    •   6" Full range Speaker & 2" Highs. 
    •   Built-in Digital Music Player
    •   Side Control Operation
    •   Dual Power Operation(AC &12V/7Ah in-built battery)
    •   High Quality Acoustic Painted Wooden Cabinet
    •   20Watts (80W+40W)
    •   3-Way Speaker System 

    PRO-TEQ  ANI-862/ ANI-602 has a built-in Power Amplifier with multiple inputs & 12V/7Ah Rechargeable Battery for use in a wide variety of PA & Musical Programmes. This is an ideal equipment for small as well as medium gathering of around 150 people.


    Music & Vocal performances, Conferences & Lectures, Presentations, Religious discourses & Gathering, Stage monitors, Touring PA, Mini Theaters, Pubs & Bar, Class rooms etc........... 

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